Welcome to our website

Welcome to our new website!

This site will hold all the information you need to know about Child2Child and Matthew and Michelle Barrow, the founders.

We are adding new information and pictures and blogs regularly.  Please come back to look at any time.


Do you have cloud storage for your files and documents? Buy online storage and raise funds for Child2Child at the same time.

01/11/2013 09:50

Do you store your computer files in the cloud?

If not, you should seriously conside doing so.

Here at Child2Child, we use A-Drive.

Here is a cool way to store your files and raise some funds for Child2Child in the process.

A-Drive are offering comission for us if you sign up to their Premium or Business service.

For all details, please go to:


If you sign up, make sure that you mention our unique code so that the funds come to us.

Thanks so much for considering this option.

Back up your files now to be secure and never loose a file, photo or mp3 again!